25 Strategies to become Wealthy
Master the Art of Wealth

Madhu Bhaskaran

The path to good fortune is difficult but not impossible. Learn the tips and tricks with careful planning, patience, and smart savings, to climb on the ladder of wealth without worries. No destination is beyond your reach with the right strategy.

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Course Highlights

Self Assessment - 8 Questions on your Finance

Achieve financial goals sooner and break bad habits by regularly assessing where you are at with your money. Ask yourself the right questions and get started on being financially healthy.

9 Reasons people fail financially

Mistakes in financial planning can create long-term consequences that may negatively affect your financial life. Dive in to explore all the possible reasons why people fail in managing money.

How does Money affect the Mind?

Does money cause changes in the way you think or behave? Discover the psychological effects of money and learn how it can change people's behavior toward others for better or worse.

25 Strategies to become Wealthy

Being wealthy is not an out-of-reach pipe dream if you are on the right track. Learn the best ways to achieve a wealthier life with a curated set of strategies made exclusively out of experience.

Course Content

  • Introduction Preview
  • 8 questions for self assessment
  • Why people fail financially?
  • Mental Vs Physical
  • Strategy 1 - PPRF
  • Strategy 2 - make your Balance Sheet
  • Strategy 3 - choose your profession, how to do it!
  • Strategy 4 - network is net worth
  • Strategy 5 - assertive skill development
  • Strategy 6 - passive income & financial freedom
  • Passive income vehicles
  • Leverage - the best strategy for passive income
  • Strategy 7 - world's most successful wealth creation system
  • Strategy 8 - tax strategy
  • Strategy 9 - correct your financial behaviour
  • Strategy 10 - budget & its importance
  • Strategy 11 - daily accounting
  • Strategy 12 - categorise the expenses
  • Strategy 13 - make a financial plan to manage the debts
  • Strategy 14 - debt for income generating
  • Strategy 15 - investment & spending
  • Strategy 16 - 3 legs of financial planning
  • Strategy 17 - keep liquid fund
  • Strategy 18 - power of compounding
  • Strategy 19 - start early
  • Strategy 20 - invest for long term
  • Strategy 21 - how to invest?
  • Strategy 22 - decide on buying home!
  • Strategy 23 - risk management
  • Strategy 24 - retirement planning
  • Strategy 25 - practice and teach

About Instructor

Madhu Bhaskaran
Mr. Madhu Bhaskaran is a renowned Business Trainer and Strategist, with 30 years' experience in Training and Coaching. His training has created spark in more than one lakh people. More than 1000 business organisations have benefited by his learning interventions. He has authored 3 best sellers in Malayalam. His videos are watched by more than 7 crore viewers all over the world.