How to build a Big Business?

Mr. C. Gobinath

Every entrepreneur should aim to build a big business from the onset itself. With this course, learn how you can build a 'Big Business' by understanding essential steps and strategies for building a successful big business.

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Course Highlights

Well-directed Intelligence

Optimising your mental resources and using them in a targeted and strategic method can help you achieve business goals easier. Discover well-directed intelligence to develop skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making with this course to build your big business.

Importance of Best Business Model

It is important to evaluate and modify business models as required to remain competitive in the market. Learn the various types of business models that exist, so that you can select and develop the best business model for your sustainable big business.

Visionary Leadership

To lead any business towards success, you may need to build and improve your qualities and skills like setting a clear vision and mission, fostering innovation, building strong relationships, and many more. Get a complete insight into these from our course.

Idea Vs Execution

Merely developing and validating good ideas may not always lead to a successful business. Understand the importance of both idea generation and successful execution and learn how to do it effectively to build a big business.

Course Content

  • 0.Introduction Preview
  • 1.Learned Helplessness (7:00)
  • 2.Well-Directed-Intelligence (10:00)
  • 3.Visionary Leadership (9:00)
  • 4.Importance of patience in Business (7:00)
  • 5.The Best Business Model (6:00)
  • 6.Idea and Execution (2:00)
  • 7. Conclusion (3:00)

About Instructor

Mr. C. Gobinath
Gobinath Chandran is best known for his work as a television host on the popular Tamil talk show Neeya Naana. He is an active social media user, who often posts his thoughts and opinions on current events. He has authored 5 Books. He was awarded the International Tamil University Doctorate, appreciating his media excellence in 2010, the National University of Singapore awarded him as an “International Youth Icon” in 2012, and the BIG FM awarded him as the Best entertainer for the year 2011. Gobinath Chandran is also a humanitarian, who has supported many charitable causes in India. He has also been involved in various campaigns to create awareness about road safety, women's rights and health issues.