How to Make a Business Plan?
12 Main Components

Madhu Bhaskaran

A well-made business plan acts like the GPS for entrepreneurs to show the way to success. Every entrepreneur should know their Business Plan even before they start the business. Learn to develop a smart Business Plan through this course.

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Course Highlights

Business Plan - Twelve Factors

Do you want to know the 12 key factors necessary to create a good Business Plan aimed at success? Each factor is significant for you. Learn the best way to create a Business Plan from the expert.

What solution do you offer?

A business typically has a solution to offer addressing a specific problem and that becomes the main goal of any business. What solution do you have to offer your customers? Get clarity to your answers through this course.

The Y - factor of your Business

Every business should serve a definite purpose and have services or products accordingly. Before starting a business, you should know Y-factor of your business. Take the right direction through this course.

Know the Financial Projections

The future is unknown and is quite unpredictable. But, before setting up a business, you need estimated values for your expenses and the expected returns. Learn to set the financial projections in your business plan.

Course Content

  • Business Plan - Introduction Preview
  • Component 1 - Business Overview (3:00)
  • Component 2 - Tagline (3:00)
  • Component 3 - Problem (3:00)
  • Component 4 - Solution (2:00)
  • Component 5 - Target Market (3:00)
  • Component 6 - Promotion (2:00)
  • Component 7 - Competitors (2:00)
  • Component 8 - Competitive Advantage (3:00)
  • Component 9 - Team (1:00)
  • Component 10 - Financial Projections (9:00)
  • Component 11 - Funding(1:00)
  • Component 12 - Timeline

About Instructor

Madhu Bhaskaran
Mr. Madhu Bhaskaran is a renowned Business Trainer and Strategist, with 30 years' experience in Training and Coaching. His training has created spark in more than one lakh people. More than 1000 business organisations have benefited by his learning interventions. He has authored 3 best sellers in Malayalam. His videos are watched by more than 7 crore viewers all over the world.