How to Manage Time?
10 Proven Strategies

Madhu Bhaskaran

Time is the only universal entity which is common to all but remains unplanned and wasted mostly. Learn the best time management strategies through our course. Plan it wisely to achieve success in all realms of life.

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Course Highlights

Utilize your time effectively

We use time to perform 4 main types of tasks. Gain knowledge on how to utilize time in the best way possible and attain the victory you wish in your life through our course.

10 Time Management strategies

Life becomes complete and meaningful only when time is used effectively and efficiently. Learn the proven 10 time management strategies to make the best out of time

First things first!

Prioritizing tasks, according to their significance, is essential for life's overall success. This course offers well-crafted and curated strategies on how to designate your tasks in an orderly manner to get to the top of life.

Parkinson Law

What is the famous Parkinson Law? You get to know how to use this popular law in this course. Learn how to manage and arrange your time to do your tasks efficiently for success undoubtedly.

Course Content

  • Introduction Preview
  • How to allot time? - Important & Urgent
  • 2 types of time
  • Time allocation with 80/20 principle
  • Strategy 1 - Daily Schedule
  • Strategy 2 - Eat the frog first!
  • Strategy 3 - Prime Time
  • Strategy 4 - Protected Time
  • Strategy 5 - Work Life Balance
  • Strategy 6 - Perfectionism?
  • Strategy 7 - Learn to say NO!
  • Strategy 8 - Delegation
  • Strategy 9 - Avoid distractions
  • Strategy 10 - Understand Parkinson Law

About Instructor

Madhu Bhaskaran
Mr. Madhu Bhaskaran is a renowned Business Trainer and Strategist, with 30 years' experience in Training and Coaching. His training has created spark in more than one lakh people. More than 1000 business organisations have benefited by his learning interventions. He has authored 3 best sellers in Malayalam. His videos are watched by more than 7 crore viewers all over the world.