How to start an Amazon Ecommerce Business?

Nivetha Muralidharan

Learn the opportunities and the steps to start a successful business with amazon. Know the tips and tricks of e-commerce. Acquire all the strategies to start an amazon business by exploring its fundamentals and finding the essential elements to build a brand in e-commerce.

Course Highlights

Product Selection Strategies

Product selection is a complicated process in e-commerce. The business depends upon the product. Find out the methods for knowing the product's demand, need & availability. Discover the ways to make an excellent product selection for a profitable amazon business

What should be ready with us for Amazon Selling?

Before selling on amazon it's very important to know about certain things such as how to, what to, and when to sell. This process can be easy by preparing a hecklist. Building an efficient checklist can build efficient seller know-how.

Importance of Investments in E-commerce

Find out how a seller should invest in an amazon business, How much to invest in the business. At what range should be the assets? Know the effective methods and types of investments every seller should know in e-commerce.

Mistakes to be avoided

It's a fact, Everyone goes through mistakes while doing a new thing, But the common mistakes can be skipped through this course. Here, it explains how to avoid the initial mistakes. This will help the sellers to leap forward

Course Content

  • Introduction (1:00) Preview
  • What is E commerce? (2:00)
  • How to Start Amazon Business? (2:00)
  • GST Basic (5:00)
  • Investment, Asset for Business (4:00)
  • What should be ready with us for Amazon business? (3:00)
  • Commissions and Fulfillment mode (4:00)
  • Product Selection (7:00)
  • Supplier Method'S (4:00)
  • What mistakes should be avoided initially? (3:00)
  • Product images and how to take them- (3:00)
  • About Amazon SEO (3:00)
  • Trademark Registration with Amazon (2:00)
  • Do we need ADS for Amazon Selling? (2:00)
  • Can we Sell Internationally? (2:00)

About Instructor

Nivetha Muralidharan
Nivetha Muralidharan is the founder of NewGenMax and well-known business women. She offers e-commerce courses for those just started affiliate marketing. She has trained over 50 thousand people in e-commerce. She was awarded Flip-star, as the best seller from Chennai in 2016. Her recent venture is the Nivetha E-academy app. Nivetha Muralidharan transformed from an individual seller to owning an e-commerce agency to becoming a business mentor.