Goal Setting in Life
Secret to Success

Madhu Bhaskaran

Goals are important in life. Increase your credibility by learning the psychology of what creates long-term success. Learn to achieve life goals with improved focus and motivate yourself to turn your vision of future into reality.

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Course Highlights

Seven steps of goal setting

Dive into our funnel of knowledge where we filter out the most important steps of goal setting. With the right guidance and boosted confidence, conquer your business goals sooner than ever.

4 aspects of goal - PPRF

Discover the multitudes of goal setting by learning about different applicable areas with knowledge about PPRF. More aspects to learn about and more ways to implement the learning to achieve swift and productive success.

Small changes matter

Even a speckle has it's own value that should never be ignored, especially when your focus is on success. Learn how the smallest of differences can impact greatly in your path to achieve the goals you have set.

Goal setting principles

Adhere to these principles to ensure that your actions are not in vain and are foolproof. Explore the ways in which you can add the spark to your career with improved resolutions and outcome based learning.

Course Content

  • Introduction Preview
  • Football and Life
  • Why people don't set goal?
  • Five Principles Of Goal Setting
  • Seven steps of goal setting
  • Example for goal setting
  • Steps of goal setting with example
  • PPRF Framework
  • Personal aspect - 4 suggestions
  • Make a personal system
  • Professional aspect - 3 suggestions
  • Relationship aspect - 2 suggestions
  • Financial aspect - 4 suggestions
  • Goals to plan!
  • Five year planning
  • How to implement effectively in life?

About Instructor

Madhu Bhaskaran
Mr. Madhu Bhaskaran is a renowned Business Trainer and Strategist, with 30 years' experience in Training and Coaching. His training has created spark in more than one lakh people. More than 1000 business organisations have benefited by his learning interventions. He has authored 3 best sellers in Malayalam. His videos are watched by more than 7 crore viewers all over the world.