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Mr. Madhu Bhaskaran

Acquiring wealth is a complex, long-term process that requires careful planning and consistent effort. Essential strategies for acquiring wealth help individuals achieve their financial goals. Learn more, Know more.

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Course Highlights

Seven steps of goal setting

Dive into our funnel of knowledge where we filter out the most important steps of goal setting. With the right guidance and boosted confidence, conquer your business goals sooner than ever.

4 aspects of goal - PPRF

Discover the multitudes of goal setting by learning about different applicable areas with knowledge about PPRF. More aspects to learn about and more ways to implement the learning to achieve swift and productive success.

Small changes matter

Even a speckle has it's own value that should never be ignored, especially when your focus is on success. Learn how the smallest of differences can impact greatly in your path to achieve the goals you have set.

Goal setting principles

Adhere to these principles to ensure that your actions are not in vain and are foolproof. Explore the ways in which you can add the spark to your career with improved resolutions and outcome based learning.

Self Assessment - 8 Questions on your Finance

Achieve financial goals sooner and break bad habits by regularly assessing where you are at with your money. Ask yourself the right questions and get started on being financially healthy.

9 Reasons people fail financially

Mistakes in financial planning can create long-term consequences that may negatively affect your financial life. Dive in to explore all the possible reasons why people fail in managing money.

How does Money affect the Mind?

Does money cause changes in the way you think or behave? Discover the psychological effects of money and learn how it can change people's behavior toward others for better or worse.

25 Strategies to become Wealthy

Being wealthy is not an out-of-reach pipe dream if you are on the right track. Learn the best ways to achieve a wealthier life with a curated set of strategies made exclusively out of experience.

Utilize your time effectively

We use time to perform 4 main types of tasks. Gain knowledge on how to utilize time in the best way possible and attain the victory you wish in your life through our course.

10 Time Management strategies

Life becomes complete and meaningful only when time is used effectively and efficiently. Learn the proven 10 time management strategies to make the best out of time

First things first!

Prioritizing tasks, according to their significance, is essential for life's overall success. This course offers well-crafted and curated strategies on how to designate your tasks in an orderly manner to get to the top of life.

Parkinson Law

What is the famous Parkinson Law? You get to know how to use this popular law in this course. Learn how to manage and arrange your time to do your tasks efficiently for success undoubtedly.


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