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11 Strategies of Best Salesman - Excellence in Sales

Selling is a two-way process. Identifying the factors for sales, recognizing the target group, and improving sales puts your business far ahead of its competitors. This course teaches you how to apply the right sales strategies and bring productive changes to the business through sales.

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Chapter 1

People buy people first
Chapter 2

Overcome the Fear of Rejection
Chapter 3

Develop a long-term view
Chapter 4

Do regular follow-ups
Chapter 5

Understand the Price Factor
Chapter 6

Upselling and Cross-selling
Chapter 7

7 Important KPIs of Sales
Chapter 7

Must do 3 things!
Chapter 8

80/20 Principle of Sales
Chapter 10

Bargaining to Negotiation
Chapter 11

Personal Growth = Sales Growth
Chapter 12

Customer Service and Sales
Chapter 13

Acquisition & Retention
Chapter 14

Why people quit your business?
Chapter 15

BLAST Method!
Chapter 16

Customer is your destiny!
Chapter 17