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How to Sell Anything? - Complete Sales Process

Learn the complete eight steps sales process with effective closing techniques. Take your sales skills to the next level and learn the unwinding of sales tactics to get customers, a job or a promotion by upskilling with this course.

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16 Chapters
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Introduction - 8 Steps of Sales
Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Material Level Preparation
Chapter 3

Information Level Preparation
Chapter 4

Personal Level Preparation
Chapter 5

Introduction or Opening
Chapter 6

Need Analysis or Probing
Chapter 7

Why we have to ask questions?
Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Create Rapport!
Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Overcoming Objections or Negotiation
Chapter 12

One single question!
Chapter 13

Identifying buying signals!
Chapter 14

Closing Techniques
Chapter 15

After Sales!
Chapter 16