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Improve Profitability through Cost Optimization - 16 Key Approaches

Cost optimization is an essential tool for business growth. This tool helps to increase business value by controlling costs rather than cutting them. Through this course, we will understand 16 vital factors that drive sales and ensure profitability in business.

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Cost Optimization and Cost Reduction – A Comparison
Chapter 1

Measure, Monitor, and Improve Culture (MMI Culture)
Chapter 2

How to Track the Efficiency of Business?
Chapter 3

Role of Digitalisation in Cost Optimization
Chapter 4

How to Develop a Cost-conscious Culture?
Chapter 5

Elimination of Unused Resources
Chapter 6

Make use of Underutilized Resources
Chapter 7

Facilitating Resource Reallocation
Chapter 8

Healthy Negotiation for Mutual Benefit
Chapter 9

Significance of Outsourcing in Business
Chapter 10

Non-Profitable Products, Divisions, and Branches
Chapter 11

Hiring Freelancers on Short-term Basis
Chapter 12

Foster Remote Selling
Chapter 13

Do Well Out of Purchase Management
Chapter 14

Bundle Offers to Optimize Sales
Chapter 15

Why Should You Work out a Budget?
Chapter 16

Importance of Retaining Existing Customers
Chapter 17

Importance of Retaining Existing Customers
Chapter 17

Chapter 18