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How to Grow Business using Social Media? -Basic Tips and Tactics

Social media is one of the most effective tools for effective marketing by staying within your business budget. It allows you to reach out to more audiences using social channels. This course teaches how to increase revenue using the right marketing strategies via social media.

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13 Chapters
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Chapter 1

Design a Customer Persona
Chapter 2

Create an Evergreen Lead Magnet
Chapter 3

Define Customer Journey
Chapter 4

How to Qualify a Lead
Chapter 5

Set up and Optimize the Social Media Handles
Chapter 6

Create the Right Content for Audience
Chapter 7

Respond promptly to every reaction
Chapter 8

Employ Social Media Advertising
Chapter 9

Significance of Data Analytics
Chapter 10

Collaborate with Influencers
Chapter 11

Maintain Social Media Community for Business
Chapter 12

Chapter 13