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Goal Setting in Life - Secret to Success

Goals are important in life. Increase your credibility by learning the psychology of what creates long-term success. Learn to achieve life goals with improved focus and motivate yourself to turn your vision of future into reality.

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16 Chapters
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Chapter 1

Football and Life
Chapter 2

Why people don't set goal?
Chapter 3

Five Principles Of Goal Setting
Chapter 4

Seven steps of goal setting
Chapter 5

Example for goal setting
Chapter 6

Steps of goal setting with example
Chapter 7

PPRF Framework
Chapter 8

Personal aspect - 4 suggestions
Chapter 9

Make a personal system
Chapter 10

Professional aspect - 3 suggestions
Chapter 11

Relationship aspect - 2 suggestions
Chapter 12

Financial aspect - 4 suggestions
Chapter 13

Goals to plan!
Chapter 14

Five year planning
Chapter 15

How to implement effectively in life?
Chapter 16