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How to build a Business Pitch Deck? - Idea to Funding

A pitch deck serves as the most effective tool for presenting your business ideas to potential investors and securing investment. To enhance the likelihood of business growth, it is crucial to craft a pitch deck with precision and clarity.

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Chapter 1

Pitch Deck - Form and Objective
Chapter 2

Structure of a Pitch Deck
Chapter 3

Simplifying Pitch Deck Creation
Chapter 4

Introduction and Problem Slide
Chapter 5

Solution Slide
Chapter 6

Assessing your Market Opportunity Size
Chapter 7

Presenting a Product Slide
Chapter 8

Business Model & Go-to-market-strategy
Chapter 9

Competition Slide
Chapter 10

Press Slide, Recognitions, and User Testimonials
Chapter 11

Financial Support
Chapter 12

Exit Plans
Chapter 13

Chapter 14